It's been a long journey for Berat Maloku, who was born in Kosovo and raised in Sweden. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it wasn't until he had his brother Burim that he truly understood what he was capable of.

"We were so close growing up, that I could feel his emotions through our connection." This empathy helped him to understand what his customers wanted and how to give it to them—and that's how Ideal Collection came to be.

The brand is dedicated to creating clothes with a strong relationship between the designer and their customers at its core. "I want my customers to feel like they're part of the process," says Berat. "That we're sharing this experience together."

Our goal is to make people feel like they can express themselves through their clothing. Whether that means wearing something unisex or something more tailored to one gender or another, we want you to feel comfortable and confident when you put on our clothes. We're all about being yourself!

The name "Ideal Collection" is meant to convey the idea that idealism is inherent in every aspect of this business—from the fabric used in each garment all the way down to the company's values.