Delivery & Returns Information


  • The sole act of placing an order on the website involves the unreserved acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sales.
  • The order can only be considered as firm and definitive from its full payment.
  • The terms and conditions of sales are concluded with the customer for the duration necessary for the execution of the order, until the date of delivery initially planned.


  • In the case of customized articles, the provisions of Article L. 121-20-2, 3° of the Consumer Code apply and deprive the customer of his 7-day withdrawal period and the return of customized goods.
  • However, the TUNETOO customer service agrees to examine any request for returns.


  • The descriptions concerning the products or the marking techniques: color, photography, characteristics are indicative and may differ from the final product.
  • TUNETOO agrees to ensure that this is acceptable to the customer.
  • The achievement of the customized work is subject to interpretation by TUNETOO on the size and locations of the designs.
  • The rendering of a customization on textile or objects is not the exact reflection of an image on-screen. TUNETOO cannot be held liable for the combination of the different marking techniques with different product colors that can lead to variations in the result.


  • The client who proposes a personal design or a text assures in fact by submitting his file, that he is the holder of the rights relating to it and exempts TUNETOO from any legal responsibility. The customer agrees to reimburse the expenses and damages caused by his action.
  • We recommend that you work from a source file - Original (like a TIFF or PSD file) then save it in high resolution JPEG or in RGB mode.
  • Your files will not be degraded and will be able to be imported faster.
  • Please be aware that we will never be able to modify or change the files you download.
  • Using high resolution JPEG will also allow you to download a file with large dimensions and a higher resolution, while remaining within the 75 MB download limit.
  • We print what you publish!
  • In order for us to make your piece, it is important that your image fits into our maximum printable area. You will notice that once your file is downloaded, the size of the file is limited to this area. However, you can resize your design at will if you respect the printable area. In addition, this area aims to ensure the quality of your image according to the chosen printing mode. Finally, we strongly recommend that you do not manually increase the pixel dimensions of your images by "resampling" in Photoshop. This is tantamount to deceiving our system when it analyzes the file and results in a low-quality print. Be sure to always ensure the best possible image quality as you can reduce it if necessary but you cannot improve it.
  • RGB Format
  • If your file is already in RGB format, keep it! If your file is in CMYK format you can either convert it to RGB or just keep it in CMYK. However, you will not get the expected result and the image quality will deteriorate if you switch from RGB to CMYK.
  • Play on the grey level for black and white pictures
  • Record and download greyscale images for quality black and white photos. We use greyscale printing profiles that use light black ink, black light, and light to produce grey tones which are more or less superior, without color change.
  • Incorporate your color profile
  • If you want specific colors on your design, incorporate them into your image before downloading because we print the files as we receive them. Photoshop allows you to incorporate a color profile from the "Image" tab, then "Convert to Profile". Choose a color profile that is right for your images. The most popular are the RGB and Adobe RGB (1998). In order to keep the same colors as on your workspace, make sure that your "Destination space" or "Source space\ is the same between the color profile chosen and those of your original file. Note that a color profile is a set of instructions that is incorporated or assigned to your image to allow your computer to display colors accurately. Most images from a digital camera (and sometimes scanners) already contain an integrated ICC profile (color profile). So that we can best reproduce the colors of your project, be sure to create a color profile before sending your files to us.
  • Image scanning
  • It is important that your images, drawings or other designs are digital. We recommend that you take pictures of your achievements if they are not scanned. Ask your entourage for help in making of a quality picture if you do not know how to do it. In case you want to do it yourself, here are some quick and easy steps to follow to get quality pictures.
  • Use a "prosumer" quality camera (6 megapixels or more)
  • Find an open and bright space to work
  • Hang your projects horizontally or on a flat support
  • Use a tripod and position the camera towards the center of your realization
  • Center your lens such that the realization is in the "focal plane" in which the sharp image forms
  • Use a diffuse light source without glare (pay attention to "flashes")
  • Use a suitable lens size so as not to distort or alter your image
  • Thanks to Photoshop, Aperture etc... modify your image for color corrections
  • Reframe and center your photo
  • Print a sample on a high-quality color printer for a preview
  • Your creations, your property!
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that other members of the Tunetoo community do not have access to your high resolution file. When you download a file for the realization of your product, it is immediately transformed into "screen preview" and therefore cannot be used by anyone other than you. In addition to that, we keep your original file only on our server in order to be able to process your order.
  • Check your files one last time!
  • Remember to check your files one last time before sending them to us. Note that anything you can identify on your image will appear when printing. Color correction, finishing and framing must be done before downloading. Make sure your file is ready before sending it to us because once downloaded, it is available for sale.
  • Finally, the Tunetoo team remains at your disposal in case of problems or for any other questions!! Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.
  • There are three ways of earning money with the sale of your designs or your personnalised products: Campaigns, Designs and E-shop.
  • Sales commissions for your designs and/or products will be paid by PayPal, upon request and with no minimum amount needed within 48h, once your commissions are validated. Payment requests can be made from your Dashboard. In order to receive payment, please make sure you have filled in your PayPal details under 'My Information'. Campaigns and E-shop: Tunetoo establishes a base price per product and you can decide its selling price. Your commission will be the difference between the selling price and the purchasing price, deducting VAT.

    Example for an e-shop article:
Products Selling price (€) Designer’s commissions (€) Margin (VAT included) Commission (after tax)
10,30€ 5,00€ 24,90 9,60€ 8,00€
    • Your designs are duplicated on a selection of products with a selling price including VAT fixed by Tunetoo. For each sale of your design or your product, you will receive 10% of the selling price, deducting VAT.

  • Example for an Artshop sale:
Products 'Sweatshirt Crew Neck Unisex Stanley Stella Rise' Price (VAT not included) Commission (after tax)
32,90€ 27,42€ 2,74€
  • All indicated prices include VAT. Your commissions will be calculated deducting VAT and your earnings must be declared to the tax authorities via your revenue declaration.
  • TUNETOO reserves the right to refuse the execution of an order so far as the texts, logos, images that the client wants to affix to the articles are contrary to the existing laws, for example: incitement to racial hatred, violence, xenophobia, advertising for cigarettes or alcohol.


  • TUNETOO agrees to deliver orders received within the limits of available stocks.
  • In case of a product shortage, TUNETOO will notify the customer as soon as possible in order to propose a new delivery time, a substitute product or a refund.
  • TUNETOO cannot be held liable for the nonfulfillment of the order in case of force majeure such as a flood, fire, disturbances or total or partial strike in particular of the postal services and transport means and in case of obvious error.


  • Prices are displayed including VAT. Shipping costs are indicated and justified on the invoice


  • Some processes require additional validation between the client and TUNETOO.


  • Customer information is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • TUNETOO cannot be responsible for any errors when typing personal data.


  • The payment on the TUNETOO website is completely secured thanks to the online payment system of our banking partner:
  • the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.
  • Your banking data only circulates on the internet in encrypted form, i.e. they are coded so as to render them totally illegible.
  • They are transmitted directly to Crédit Mutuel Arkéa in a secure manner (ssl protocol) and are never in the possession of TUNETOO.
  • Your payment is 100% secure


  • Delivery by a Carrier (tracked parcel)
  • If the Customer cannot be present on the day of the delivery, a transit advice note is deposited in the Customer's mailbox.
  • Delivery dates
  • The products are dispatched within 10 to 15 working days. All delays are calculated in working days. The indicated times are average delays and correspond to the processing, preparation and dispatch times of the order (leaving warehouses). To this time, the delivery time of the carrier by postal circuit must be added.
  • In order to follow your order, we send you an email when the product leaves our warehouse.
  • In the case of an urgent delivery date, it is the customer's responsibility to take the necessary precautions and to question the logistical services of our website in order to evaluate the feasibility of meeting the deadline.
  • TUNETOO cannot be held liable in the case of a delivery deemed late by the customer, if the shipping was carried out on time. Please take these precautions before ordering at


  • Invoices are written by TUNETOO and subject to errors.


  • Invoices are written by TUNETOO and subject to errors.
  • In the case of a dispute, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  • Any dispute between a customer and the contractor will be submitted, if it cannot be settled amicably between the parties, to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Bordeaux within the jurisdiction of which the registered office of the company BDL is located.


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  • 14. The French law is applicable both for rules of form and substance.