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Abdominal Gear Muscle Trainer Stimulator Connect Total Abs Press Toner Home USB Charged Gym Fitness Equipment Women Men

Abdominal Gear Muscle Trainer Stimulator Connect Total Abs Press Toner Home USB Charged Gym Fitness Equipment Women Men

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Product name: Abdominal muscle fitness belt
Material: ABS + PU
Product principle :EMS low frequency pulse
Scope of use: exercise, massage muscles, relax muscles.Suitable for arm, waist and leg muscle training.
The product is USB charging type, 6 modes to choose, 10 levels of strength can be adjusted.The operation is simple
Product Features:
1.6 Mode, 10 degree of strengthening, easy to operate.
2. Work out your muscles and tighten them up once or twice a day, every 25 minutes.
3. Easy to carry, exercise abdominal muscles anytime and anywhere.
4. The gel on the product is consumable and can be purchased separately.
The physical massage principle of electronic acupuncture and moxibustion, using low frequency pulse, imitated 6 basic techniques of acupuncture and moxibustion massage, 10 intensity massage intensity.
Instructions for
1. Clean the area you want to care for;Lift the protective film of the abdominal patch and stick the patch to the area you need to care for.
2. Long press ON/+ 3 seconds to start the machine, and the white light is ON.Power OFF press OFF/ - to zero, then power OFF
3. The host can automatically switch 6 massage modes freely.6 massage modes: kneading, hammering, acupuncture, massage, finger pressing..
4. Adjust the intensity;When you press "ON/+", pulse intensity
Increased;When "OFF/-" is pressed, the pulse intensity decreases.
5. It is recommended to use it for 25 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day.Each massage should be used for 20 minutes.The machine has a time setting of 20 minutes, which means that when the customer USES the machine for 20 minutes, the machine will pause. If the customer needs to continue using the machine, he/she needs to press ON again
Apply 1-2 times a day.
7. Use the device 30 minutes after a meal or a bath for better results.
Product Features:
1. The host machine has 6 massage modes, automatic switching massage and intelligent operation.
2. There are male and female styles, and customized colors are supported
3. Waist muscle massager, customers can OEM, custom color box packaging instructions
4. The patch on the product is worn out, and the end customer can buy and replace it by himself
Tip: don't use it when there is sweat on your body. I recommend it after you take a shower.This smart abdominal fitness device is tailored for you.






EMS working theory


Via to advanced technology, simulate real workout 



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