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Wrist Ball Self-starting Grip Ball Decompression

Wrist Ball Self-starting Grip Ball Decompression

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Using the principle of gyroscope and celestial mechanics, the arm is in the main motion state by using the powerful force generated by the centrifugal rate and inertia law when rotating.Since the start of the use of the built-in coil spring to pull the ball center to rotate, get rid of the traditional start rope to start, suitable for beginners and players who rely on the start rope.




1. The ball center is balanced and corrected by computer, with high stability and low sound


Special plastic materials are durable


3. Steel shaft is not easy to break


4.The ball shell adopts advanced silicone rubber anti-skid ring, delicate and beautiful


5. Built-in spring, using the spring inertia to start the ball center rotation


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